L I M N E R  #4
Me and Mike are so pleased to say we are in the newly released L I M N E R #4. Limner Journal is a critical journal of illustration and visual communication. It is published by S T U D I O  O P E R A T I V E and edited by Alice Lindsay and Peter Willis. Limner #4 is a 138 page book with a poster and postcard, risograph printed in three colours, PUR bound w/tape cloth, 19.5cm x 27cm, only £10 from H E R E

Inside we have several pages of monoprints, illustrating the short story Larry's Warren by M I C H A E L  C R O W E. Here is a description of our process for the drawings >

Mike and Faye separately selected three Matisse's each. Faye sat in another room and described the paintings through a wall. Mike drew what he heard. This process happened 3 times. Then mike sat in another room and described his Matisse's to Faye. Faye drew what she heard. Next stage, Mike described his drawings from Faye's descriptions to Faye through a wall and vice versa. This stage happened 3 times each, ending in 12 drawings; 6 replicas of Matisse, 3 replicas of Faye's and 3 replicas of Mike's.

Also see cover for our bubble men drawings.