Traum Noir #3-4
I have been featured in the newly released Traum Noir #3-4 a self published art magazine based in Helsinki. The magazine promotes young artists and writers and is available for free in Helsinki, Finland or can be ordered online for the cost of shipping and handling. You can download, read online or buy a copy HERE

Contributors                                                                                                       175x242 mm                                               
Alexander Alekseenko, Andrey Bogush, Anthony Cudahy ,                    Glue bound, 112 pages
Rory Dean, Andreas Ervik, Stephanie Gonot, Beth Hoeckel,                  Printed on 140g paper, cover 280g 
Amanda Jasnowski, Él Kaneko, Sasha Kurmaz, Celi Lee,                      (with embossed text)
Olya Leontieva, Lindsay Naish, Victor Nylund, Jaakko                             Edition of 300                                 
Pallasvuo, Emily-Jane Robinson, Maria Sturm

Many thanks to Helen and Antton and the people of Traum Noir.
More pictures coming soon..