L I M N E R  #4
Me and Mike are so pleased to say we are in the newly released L I M N E R #4. Limner Journal is a critical journal of illustration and visual communication. It is published by S T U D I O  O P E R A T I V E and edited by Alice Lindsay and Peter Willis. Limner #4 is a 138 page book with a poster and postcard, risograph printed in three colours, PUR bound w/tape cloth, 19.5cm x 27cm, only £10 from H E R E

Inside we have several pages of monoprints, illustrating the short story Larry's Warren by M I C H A E L  C R O W E. Here is a description of our process for the drawings >

Mike and Faye separately selected three Matisse's each. Faye sat in another room and described the paintings through a wall. Mike drew what he heard. This process happened 3 times. Then mike sat in another room and described his Matisse's to Faye. Faye drew what she heard. Next stage, Mike described his drawings from Faye's descriptions to Faye through a wall and vice versa. This stage happened 3 times each, ending in 12 drawings; 6 replicas of Matisse, 3 replicas of Faye's and 3 replicas of Mike's.

Also see cover for our bubble men drawings.

V E R Y  B O N  C O L L A B
Me and Mike have been working for a while now with the legend that is Edwin Stevens on his Manchester monthly music night, VERY BON.  Heres the first AWAAR / BON Collab tapes -  Jon Collin - Interval Music and Yerba Mansa - The Other Thing. Much more stuff to come...
Contact VERY BON here if you want one.

Me and Mike made some draw for  G R A F I X X  2 0 1 5  F E S T I V A L welcome pack.


F R O G' S  S H A D O W  R E A C H E S  T H E  R O C K  B E F O R E  T H E  F R O G

Frog's Shadow Reaches The Rock Before the Frog @ Common, Manchester UK. Me and Mike are both really proud to present our new show 'Frog's Shadow Reaches The Rock Before The Frog' featuring new art, new adventures in our first painting show. Come have a pint and some food on the painted table tops and spot the four leaf clovers. It's on for 6 Months! Big thanks, big loves to everyone at Common, special mega big thanks to Dave, Iwan, Riv and Jonny. Go to Common H E R E . Thanks to Northern Monk, thanks to our boyz Jessop & Williamson for the OOTW performance and thanks to everyone for coming on the opening night.

Tall man, small man. Three legged dog. Roll the double six dice. Shake hands with the ghost. Breaking bones, missing limbs, swarm of bugs. Twins smoking, double yoke, double embryo. Trip down the stairs, flowers in your face man. Totally U> F> O> Hole in one, giant moth, lightening strike, shooting star. TV shark attack. The volcano erupts. Two headed snake, one eye green, one eye blue. The planets are aligned tonight. Meet the alien under the beige eclipse. Lucky clovers! It's raining frogs! The light bends. Power Moon.



Cats, me and Mike have a new book as part of the D E C A P I T R O N series printed by Mehdi Hercberg / Shobo Shobo / The Greatest. The book features 40 ditto printed drawings, this means each book is unique (smelly old fashioned). Drawings vary in colours of green, pink and purple. Only 60 copies made!@£! It will be available soon H E R E or we have some copies left, contact us via awomanandarodent (at) gmail.com . Hot Cheds on the back!